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We love strengthening communities in wellness and resilience.  One of the ways we do this is through making our dynamic team members available for bookings.  Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced health professionals share tips and practical advice to help communities build resilience and support their loved ones to wellness. 


We have been utilising our innovative model of care for over 10 years and along the way we’ve made interesting discoveries and developed some fantastic training.   We offer a great range of topics related to wellbeing, communication, vulnerability and self-development.  If you have a specific topic in mind then let us know and we can customise a presentation to suit your needs.  Organising a presentation in your town, school, business or church is easy and we are happy to share some tips with you to help you run an event to be remembered.


Training is also available for organisations looking to develop their people and has been delivered as professional development courses in the education sector and volunteer groups.  Topics include de-escalation and group dynamics but let us know if you’re looking for something interactive, fun and challenging to support individual and team development. 


People leave our events inspired and armed with practical strategies to apply in everyday situations. 

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