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A Tailored
Pathway to Hope
just for you

"Working towards Wellbeing goals

that matter to you"

What is

Pathways to Hope?

Pathways to Hope provides access to one-on-one Wellbeing Coaching to create a personal tailored pathway for your wellbeing goals. You will also have access to our other support services.

We are able to work with any of your existing support services as a part of someone's Tailored Pathway.

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Wellbeing Coaching

As a part of your Tailored Pathway you will meet regularly with a personal Wellbeing Coach. Coaching sessions help you to build skills and review progress towards your wellbeing goals.

Together, you begin by looking at your wellbeing goals to  formulate a personalised plan for your tailored pathway.

You will have access to our other support services which include:

  • Online Wellbeing Skills Courses

  • Counselling

  • In Person Wellbeing Short Courses

  • Personal Development Courses

Coaching may be in person or online

Who is it for?

Pathways to Hope requires you to be open to change, willing to try new solutions and engage in reflection. 

We work with those who are 16 years and over, and motivated for change.


Based on the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of hauora, our holistic approach is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy informed.


What's included in a Tailored Pathway?

Wellbeing Coaching

Solutions focused coaching and collaboration with other support services to help you achieve your wellbeing goals

Wellbeing Skills
 & Personal Development  Courses - online

Courses are interactive and facilitated by our team who incorporate skills practice with you throughout

 Wellbeing Skills
Short Courses

These are held on the North Shore of Auckland and run for two days a week over six weeks. They aim to develop your Wellbeing Skills Kete to strengthen hauora



Either in person or via video call with one of our qualified and experienced counsellors

Personal Development

Shine Women, is an 8 week  personal development course focusing on Worth, Strength and Purpose. This course can be facilitated both in person or online.

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