Book: Diamond in the Dirt by Maree de Jong

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Maree de Jong's book A Diamond in the Dirt is a story about the transforming love and grace of God that is available to us all. From her experience and choices Maree takes us on a journey through her brokenness and into the fullness of God’s plan for her life. She provides practical wisdom so that you also can change your life to be all that it was designed to be. This book will inspire and encourage you, no matter what you have been through – remember your past is not your future.

Within these pages, Maree has given her life away and shared her journey to triumph. Each chapter will inspire you and breathe on your potential. It is a celebration of the grace and victory only found in a God-centred life. I salute Maree for sharing her life as daughter, mum and leader. She is a true diamond that I am honoured to call “friend”.


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