Next course starts in February 2022 | 10:00am - 11:30am online via zoom

Relationships Toolkit Online Course

Relationships Toolkit  Online Course

Time & Location

Next course starts in February 2022
10:00am - 11:30am online via zoom

About the Event

The way that we are connected and connect with others can be as fulfilling as solving a puzzle that everyone else got stuck doing.  It can also be like a crack on your phone screen that keeps growing until eventually you aren’t able to see anything at all.

We all interact with people and people can be complex – including ourselves!   Effective and strong communication skills, and understanding the roles that people take on in relationships are keys to help you build respectful and meaningful connections. By engaging in fulfilling relationships, and identifying the signs of toxic relationships, your stress is reduced and your self-worth is strengthened as you take ownership of your choices.

This Course will help you to:

  • Grow your confidence to use effective communication skills for stronger relationships based on mutual      understanding.
  • Develop practical skills to compassionately grow your self-awareness and to help you increase trust and respect in      your everyday relationships.
  • Learn a range of mindfulness and CBT strategies* to improve your overall wellbeing.

*Strategies are drawn from Mindfulness practices and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Mindfulness skills help you to focus on the present reducing the likelihood of worry or snagged by emotions from past experiences. CBT is an established therapeutic approach that helps you to manage and overcome a wide range of issues related to unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Who is this Course for:

  • Anyone tired of the drama in their life and keen to learn ways to form more meaningful relationships with the significant people in their lives.
  • Those looking for better ways to deal with conflict and are open to trying new skills to better respond to challenging      situations.
  • Anyone 16yrs and over. Partial or full Scholarships may be available to New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents who meet the criteria. (Email to enquire)

Course Schedule:

Session 1 - Here We Go Again!

"Here we go again!” or “I feel like I’ve been here before!” – have you heard yourself thinking or saying this with certain people in your life.  As we begin our course we start with exploring the unhelpful & negative patterns of behaviour in our relationships.

Session 2 - Getting My Needs Met without Manipulation

Exploring and practicing skills to communicate with greater clarity.

Session 3 - Win/Win

Now that we have identified patterns that get us stuck, we explore how we can move forward in our relationships despite the differences.

Session 4 - Building Authenic Relationships

This session is an invitation into authentic relationships where you build on skills already learnt to acknowledge that your needs and perspectives are valid and important.   We also add to your skills to validate and honour the needs of others.

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