Seminars and Speakers

A Girl Called Hope is implementing seminars for the community in schools, churches and other community groups. Through these seminars we hope to impact the community by enabling them to understand the issues that young women are facing and equipping them with practical ways they can help and support the young women facing these issues in their community. We believe prevention is better than cure and therefore through educating and equipping the community we hope that many young women who struggle with these issues will receive the support they need.


The target audience for these seminars is:

• Schools – students, teachers, counsellors and parents

• Community Group – youth, youth leaders, parents, health professionals


The initial seminar focuses on giving tips and practical advice on supporting and safe guarding young women who struggle with disordered eating, self-harm, depression, addictions and other life controlling issues.

The key topics covered are:

• Understanding Core Issues Drive Behaviour

- Understanding each of the issues (with emphasis on eating disorders)

- Who is at risk

- Warning signs

- Causes and effects

- Effective ways to respond and preventative measure

- Common themes

- Understanding the difference between the behaviour and the core issue

• Empower to Bring Hope and Change

- Helping someone else – What can I do?

- Practical avenues for help

- Some issues to be aware of when supporting someone

- The continuum of support


The seminar is around one hour long, however can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation. For example there can be two 30 minute sessions or the seminar can be shortened to around 45 minutes long if need be. The seminar can also be followed by a question and answer session if required. It is run by a presenter and a panel of 3 or 4 people. These may include a graduate of A Girl Called Hope, a counsellor, a member of programme staff and other experts we work alongside.


The material is based on the experiences the staff have had and what they have learnt from those. The content has been developed over a number of years through speaking at different events and conferences in New Zealand.


Individual staff members are also available to come and speak regarding their specific areas of expertise as well if that is more suited to your group. We cater for small or large groups and also for male and female audiences.


The cost of the seminar is tailored individually for each group so please ask for more information regarding specifics. We do ask that the travel costs are covered at least.


If you are interested in hosting one of these seminars please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it